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Live A Winning Life is a Signature Seminar featured by Catalyst Coaching, Counseling and Consulting. 

The seminar empowers the participants to become more deliberate in living the life they desire by using the I.D.I.A.D approach.   The vast majority of people are living life by "Default", believing things just happpen.  Through understanding implementing the 5 Universal Principles that encompasses the "IDIAD'' Philosophy:  Imagination, Desire, Intentions, Affirmation and Daily Inspired Action you will be positioned immediately to intentionally and deliberately Live A Winning Life.  

During 2017 this seminar is scheduled for Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pheonix, Orlando, and Memphis.  If your organization is interested in sponsoring this seminar please contact us.

About The Facilitator:

Gregory A. Stanton, MA, MFC, Strategic Life Consultant  Gregory Stanton, MA, MFC

The CEO of Catalyst Coaching, Counseling & Consulting, Inc. and founder of The Catalyst Center for Personal Transformation.  

A seasoned Spiritual Leader, Life strategist, and Speaker who specializes in assisting individuals, in maximizing life through the process of "Strategic Conscious Coaching" in the areas of Relationship, Prosperity, Health and Life Purpose.
He is available for Internet, telephone Coaching, and speaking events.  For more information regarding him or an upcoming events visit the website

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